On Being Mindful

Excellent post over on Mark’s Daily Apple today about being present/mindful. I took a mindfulness class in college — a little bit of yoga and discussion on mindfulness techniques — but being mindful takes energy, and it’s a habit I’ve fallen out of lately. Worth some reflection.


Sometimes When We Touch …

This is how it is:

Sometimes you love a person.

jigsaw puzzle Greenville SC

Sometimes you do puzzles together.

jigsaw puzzle face

Sometimes you do puzzles with friends.

Sometimes you feel old.

Sometimes you take naps.

Sometimes you spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Sometimes you purchase $30-worth of produce from a local grocery shop.

Sometimes that means you eat kale, turnips, collards, Carolina sweet onions, green onions, rainbow chard, beets, cabbage and radishes.

Sometimes you look up creative recipes for these vegetables you have no idea how to cook.

Sometimes they turn out great.

Sometimes they don’t.

Sometimes you buy a whole coconut and try to open it on a Sunday morning, and that turns out to be a disaster.

Sometimes you spend so much time playing racquetball and swimming and walking to the library and stopping for coffee and wishing it was warmer and talking about going backpacking that you forget how many weeks have gone by since you checked out that backpacking book from the library.

Sometimes you take naps.

Sometimes you do things together, but not really together.

Sometimes you have company over.

Sometimes you go snow tubing on Moonshine Mountain in North Carolina.

Sometimes you get drunk.

Sometimes you spend too much money.

Sometimes you buy awesome boots.

awesome-ass boots

Sometimes you are so happy.

Sometimes you worry about dying — or worse, him dying and you having to live through that and meet someone new and start over and detangle the mess of a life he leaves behind.

Sometimes you think about praying that that won’t happen.

Sometimes you think about your wedding, and you start planning silly things even though it’s still more than a year away.

Sometimes you wear protective goggles into a bar and really pull it off.

Sometimes things are just awesome.

wearing safety googles in a bar like a badass

Us at Blu Martini