Euphoria Greenville SC Tapas and Tinis Traffic Jam #tapas2014


Check out my officemate and friend Suzannah’s most recent blog post on her wonderful blog, Truly Unruly, about the night we got to pretend to be part of the Greenville elite at Tapas and Tinis. I lucked into being her date for the evening. Here’s hoping one of us wins the Instagram contest to Euphoria’s upcoming event, Traffic Jam!

perfect microwave eggs in two minutes

On Microwaving Eggs

Everyone in my office seems fascinated when I crack some raw eggs into a bowl and whip up some delicious, fluffy professional-looking scrambled eggs in two minutes flat. Hard-boiled (or hard-baked) eggs are a delicious protein-dense snack, but making and then peeling them can be such a pain in the ass, and who has time to make breakfast in the morning?

Breakfast or 4 p.m. treat, microwaved eggs are pretty much perfect either way, and you can add some salt, pepper, cheese …

I almost prefer them to real homemade scrambled eggs, which I somehow manage to bungle every time.