Euphoria Greenville SC Tapas and Tinis Traffic Jam #tapas2014


Check out my officemate and friend Suzannah’s most recent blog post on her wonderful blog, Truly Unruly, about the night we got to pretend to be part of the Greenville elite at Tapas and Tinis. I lucked into being her date for the evening. Here’s hoping one of us wins the Instagram contest to Euphoria’s upcoming event, Traffic Jam!


Busy Summer

Things we are doing right now:

  • Dying the couch: We stripped the upholstery last weekend, are going to wash it, dye it, and find a way to put it back on with some new batting. Right now, the couch is sort of torn apart and this big foam bench in my living room. Pretty fun.
  • Brewing beer: Well, we aren’t actually doing this yet, but I’m starting my first batch Saturday.
  • Training for a triathlon: I’ve been swimming every morning and we bike pretty frequently, so I signed up for a triathlon in October. I’m excited but also terrified. We bought crazy bike shorts and are going to start more long-distance biking. I feel this weird impulsive urge to tell EVERYONE I KNOW so they can marvel at how awesome and athletic and brave I am.
  • Planning for Thailand: We are going to Bangkok in September. Uh, yes. And we are staying in Cambodia for a night and visiting Angkor Wat. What? Yes.
  • Planning a trip to Auburn: August 10 & 11
  • Planning a camping trip: Labor Day weekend
  • Trying to get to New York so we can bring home The Van: this one is all on Creighton
  • Getting involved with AAF Greenville: I’m going to be the Communications Chair. Hell yes.
  • Planning, like, a wedding

So like two months ago I said we would have some details to share about the venue, but you can (finally) check it out here. It’s going to be awesome, y’all. I’m flying down to Mobile the first weekend in August to see it and to start answering some of the “tougher” questions about my wedding. Like, I know literally zero about wedding flowers.